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Knock Down Rebuild with Oliver Blake...

Out with the old, in with the new – If you’ve lived in it for a number of years, you probably own it or at least have plenty of equity. You could move into a new home, but it would mean leaving an area you enjoy living in. Why not knock it down and have Oliver Blake rebuild you a brand new home.

Knockdown rebuild projects are increasing in popularity due to a shortage of residential land within Canberra. Home renovations, extensions and alterations can also be extremely costly with many horror stories of budget blow outs, disruptions and unforeseen construction problems.

At Oliver Blake, we’ve made the process of planning and building your dream home as simple and smooth as possible. Our professional and experienced team offer specialised advice to help you choose the home design that will suit your section and lifestyle. We can take care of everything, from knocking down your old house, securing building consents, to providing a fixed price building contract to assure budget precision and peace of mind.

Our home designs and inclusions are vast and flexible, so you can tailor your new home to suit your lifestyle and budget. You can also draw on the expertise and knowledge of our New Home Consultants.

As a result, building a new home can offer exceptional value and provide a host of benefits. New homes enable you to start with a blank sheet of paper, unlike renovations which by their nature come with restrictions and compromise. They are smarter and more energy efficient thanks to the latest building innovation and technology. And they are better suited to meet the needs and desires of today’s modern lifestyle, such as integrating family zoning spaces, inside/outside flow on experiences, and the latest trends in construction and design.